Animate Commons

Animate Commons

Magic little Helpers for Adobe Animate CC

The free Animate Commons extension for Adobe Animate CC helps you boost your creativity and productivity.


Animate Commons is an extension library for your everyday use in Adobe Animate CC. Designer friendly, easy to use and 100% free. You will never want to use Animate without Animate Commons anymore!

The extension enables a rich feature set that makes working with Animate CC easier and more fun. The range goes from simple helper functions to ready to use features like responsive layouts, performance optimization and visual eye candy effects.

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easy to use

designer friendly

open source
100% free


Grab your copy of Animate Commons now.
It's 100% free. No strings attached.

Getting started (setup)

You have two options setting up Animate Commons:

The easy version:
Just start your new Adobe Animate CC projects using one of the provided templates. The download contains several ready-to-use templates for different use cases. Watch video for more details.

Here is a brief overview of the provided templates:

  • Default: Empty composition with Animate Commons activated
  • Flexible Layout: Template for flexible layouts (e.g. full width)
  • Adaptive Layout: Template for responsive layouts (layout varitions for different viewport sizes)
  • Parallax Perspective: Template for parallax eye candy

The advanced version (aka adding to existing project):

Animate Commons is a light-weight JavaScript extension libary consisting just of one small file. All you have to do is add this single file to your Adobe Animate CC project and you have access to all the Animate Commons super powers. Watch video for more details.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download Animate Commons
  • Copy Animate Commons to your project folder (YOUR_PROJECT_FOLDER/libs is recommended)
  • Load provided HTML template in publish settings of your project
  • Now Animate Commons will be enabled when publishing. So you can use all helper functions in your composition now.

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